6 Best Things for Your Home That Are Absolutely Worth the Investment

Your home is where you relax after a long day and where you make memories. It’s a place that deserves the best items to keep you happy and healthy.

Some projects, like installing a smart thermostat and upgrading to ENERGY STAR appliances, boost the value of your home. Others, like a pool or expensive furniture, don’t add any value at resale. Investing in something like a home warranty will be beneficial in many ways. “What does the home warranty cover?” You can find a lot of good information online for you to understand a home warranty. In this article we will talk about the basic necessities you need to have in your home.

1. Kitchen utensils

When you invest in high quality kitchen utensils, they’ll last for years and can help you cook more quickly. Opt for a comprehensive set, like Oxo Good Grips’ 15-piece everyday kitchen utensil set. It has all the basics, such as spatulas and spoons, plus cool extras, such as an ice cream scoop and a meat tenderizer.

Look for a utensil set that includes a chef knife, as well. And make sure it’s dishwasher safe, as non-dishwasher-safe tools can harbor bacteria. Choose a set that also comes with a holder to keep them organized.

2. Good lighting

Lighting is one of those items that makes a big difference in your home’s ambiance and appearance. The right light fixtures can highlight architectural details and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Each room in your house has different functions and requires a specific type of lighting. Use a mix of lighting to provide ambient, task, and accent light throughout each space.

For example, a living room can benefit from recessed or track lighting for overall illumination and from sconces to illuminate the reading nook. Decorative accent lighting can also be a nice touch to highlight art pieces, fireplaces, or bookshelves. Use dimmers to control the brightness and change the tone of your lighting to suit your mood.

3. One statement piece

A statement piece of furniture is a key component that can transform a room while reflecting your style and personality. Whether it’s an exotic area rug, a bold patterned chair, or a large painting you picked up on your last trip abroad, these pieces will capture the eye and create a focal point for the space.

The best statement pieces are found in the focal points of each room – such as couches, beds, and dining tables. But don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles! Just be sure that your statement piece doesn’t clash with the rest of the decor.

4. Home adornments

A down payment on a new home or apartment is a big investment, so it’s important to spend wisely when it comes to your furniture and appliances. But some items are worth the splurge, even if you don’t plan on living with them forever:

In addition to adding texture and color, home adornments give a space character and personality. From a collection of teapots to a framed family photo, these items are what make your house feel like home. And the best part: These items can be easily swapped out for something new once you move out. They’re also a great way to add curb appeal to your rental property.

5. Furniture

Furniture is one of the biggest purchases a new homeowner can make, and it’s a piece that will likely be in the home for several decades. Investing in good quality is worth it in the long run for both aesthetic and comfort reasons.

Interior designers advise new homeowners to start by focusing on the living room, which receives the most wear and tear. They recommend investing in a nice couch and accent chair, which should be high-quality and upholstered in durable materials.

A good place to find on-trend pieces at fair prices is the online furniture retailer Wayfair. Their selection includes furnishings for every room and is easy to shop by product type.

6. A quirky object or collection

Adding one-of-a-kind home adornments is a great way to refresh a space, but these quirky accents don’t have to cost an arm and leg. Even simple additions like a wavy edged mirror or an unconventional bench can breathe new life into a room.

Almost everyone has that quirky item or collection that makes their house feel more like home. Whether it’s a kitty-cat clock or your collection of superhero figurines, these unique objects instantly make a space more interesting and high end. It’s the little details that make the biggest difference. Upgrade a boring flush mount light with a modern design, or swap plastic wall plates for metal ones.