Tips On How to Find Cheap Car Shipping  

Tips On How to Find Cheap Car Shipping


Regardless of if you use a reputable, quality car shipping service, auto transport pricing can be complex. When you develop an understanding of the process, which takes due diligence, it can prevent some confusion and frustration.

The thing to remember is price quotes are not a guarantee of the cost. Many variables contribute to the transport expense, including the shipping type, car size, and how carriers bid on the transport. In that same vein, deposits are often required by non-reputable shippers and generally won’t be refunded.


Quality companies are usually comparable across the board with competitive prices, excellent consumer support, and added insurance coverage.  


As a car owner, you’ll want to compare a few carriers before committing in order to find the most qualified, reputable choice that can respond to your needs most suitably. It’s recommended to obtain as many as five transport quotes for sufficient comparisons.


What Are Things to Consider with Car Shipping Costs


Car shipping services can be complicated, with many variables contributing to the final price point. One of these involves a bidding process between drivers for the customer’s services. This is usually done in an “auction” sort of process and can reduce the cost for the customer.


Customers can also compare car shipping services to find cheap car shipping among carriers with the help of brokers. A broker can make the process somewhat easier if you’ve never shipped a car before.  


Here are some things to know about car shipping pricing that could ultimately help you learn to find lower costs.


  • Quotes are not a guarantee of the final price


When getting a quote for car shipping, it’s possible to do so on most auto transport websites. The basic form will request primarily detailed vehicle information without requesting personal details for optimum privacy.  


You can accumulate as many quotes this way as you choose and then narrow it to those that fit your budget. The thing to remember is these quotes aren’t a guarantee of what the final price point will be.  


These are an estimate with the likelihood that the final price from the initial quote could be as great as 50 percent more based on several variables. That doesn’t mean all companies range far from their quotes. There are auto transport companies that come relatively close to the initial estimate.


  • Many variables affect the cost


The car shipping expense is affected by many variables. Some auto transport companies do better when configuring these factors and generating the end price. Most brokers show that some premium services drastically increase costs. These include the following:


  1. Enclosed method: Classic and rare car owners prefer this method for transporting their vehicles since it keeps the autos protected and secure. The cost reflects that added safety, however. This transport is roughly 50 percent higher in price than open transport.
  2. Cross-country transport: Fuel costs for drivers are as bad as for the average. The further you go, the greater the cost you’ll pay due to the price of gas. It’s suggested that, as a rough estimate, truck drivers will charge as much as “$200 or every added 500 miles.”
  3. Oversized vehicles: The vehicle size will increase costs significantly. When you go from an average size vehicle to a truck to an SUV, the price can jump “as much as $150 each.”
  4. Last-minute booking: Many car shipping services recommend booking ahead as many as four weeks to see savings on costs and get the date and time you prefer for your delivery. Given only 24 hours’ notice for the delivery of a vehicle, a client can pay as great as hundreds or even a thousand dollars more for their car to be express shipped.


  • Drivers will bid on your shipment


Transport truck drivers have an impact on the cost since they will bid on the auto transport. These drivers compete almost like an auction process, except costs reduce as they go.


Final Thought


You’ll find countless auto transport companies to pick from, but only a few stand out ahead of the competition. You can identify these services relatively easily with a few key traits.


  • These companies will often have more binding quotes or offer low prices that they stand behind until the end.
  • The companies that have endured the test of time are few and far between. If you find a car shipping service with years in the industry, that experience is of incredible value.
  • All carriers need to have at least basic liability coverage. Still, the best providers will have added insurance benefits that can include money you can use toward the deductible, or some will have claims departments to help with claim filing.


One thing to remember when looking for a quality car shipping service is that reputable companies won’t request a deposit, and you shouldn’t pay one if it’s asked for. These won’t be refunded. Search instead for services with long histories and reasonable prices.