7 Best Project Management Software In 2023 For Construction Businesses

From mapping out a plan and task assignment to deadlines and evaluations, project management software covers all aspects of a project for construction businesses. Moreover, its streamlined tools also unlock productivity with its automated services. Teams can collaborate more effectively. Notifications update with real-time changes. Above all, its reporting and analytical tools provide progress of each step and throughout the preview of a project.

Construction sites can employ it for different prospects. Project management is an all-encompassing program, like billing, designing, managing teams, and planning budgets. Despite its invaluable output, selecting reliable project management software for construction sites might be difficult for new buyers. There are dozens of options, and picking the right one confuses newcomers.

Here, we have listed the seven best project management software programs for construction businesses in 2023 to facilitate choosing a dependable program.

So, let’s start with the first option on our list.

Foundation Software

Foundation software will be a good call for you if your project management revolves around the construction field. It oversees the entirety of construction initiatives, including job posting, planning, and project management. Also included are the administrative and financial tools essential for running an effective construction business. Tools for scheduling, administrative dashboards, service dispatch, etc., are also part of its versatile tools.

In addition, it has a user-friendly report generator that gives contractors complete control over their information. Its robust features make it a better fit for smaller and medium-sized labor-intensive contractors, while even larger construction firms still utilize it.


·           The process of making a purchase and entering your payment information is straightforward.

·           You may enter data rapidly, and it will produce a variety of outputs for each division.

·           For an all-encompassing perspective on building projects, it can combine document management with task costing and tracking.  


·           There are a few personalization and customization options available in its reporting module.


Foundation software pricing is only disclosed on request. So, contact a vendor.

Procore Software

Another viable option for construction management is Procore software. It helps builders maximize ROI. It lets managers link all building project participants. It lets financers, office managers, specialized contractors, and developers oversee everything on one platform.

Thanks to its team collaboration features, all team members will be kept in the loop with the latest information and timely alerts. It streamlines workflow and boosts productivity. Users can rest assured that the application’s security system protects customer data. Furthermore, administrators can restrict access to specific groups or individuals.


·           The simplicity of its interface is the characteristic that streamlines its working efficacy.

·           Keeping track of modifications and additions to designs is also extremely helpful.

·           It provides a streamlined method of coordinating the efforts of many people across different teams.


·           It sometimes lags during multitasking.


The pricing for Procore software is also available from vendors only on demand.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

It’s also a one-stop program that hundreds of construction companies worldwide rely on. Acumatica Cloud ERP supports multiple facets of managing building projects. It is well-known for its efficiency in managing projects. In addition, it is adapted to work well in an industrial or building setting.

In addition, it provides the highest quality features available to businesses of any size. Its comprehensive features, including project accounting, inventory administration, and customer relationship management, provide smooth workflow integration for a construction business.  


·           It’s simple to implement and can scale extensively.

·           It provides daily field reports and remote access to submissions.  

·           It also features a streamlined procedure for managing both services and employee compensation.


·           It might not be suitable for larger construction projects and teams.


The pricing for Acumatica Cloud ERP is not public. You need to contact a vendor for a price quote.

Buildxact Software

The Buildxact software is another construction project management software option that can quickly and accurately produce cost estimates. Quickly and easily transform estimates into branded, professional quotes with a few clicks. Using its construction management software, you may further win over clients by providing them with detailed descriptions, illustrations, and cost breakdowns of any PC/PS product.

It was made with builders’ and renovators’ needs in mind. You can do on-screen takeoffs and import Excel files with supplier prices. The learning curve is low, and the necessary instruction is part of your membership.


·           It tracks the lifecycle of a project and uses the difference between budgeted and actual expenditures to inform subsequent estimates.

·           In addition to the takeoff tools, it comes with some outstanding pre-built recipes.

·           Using quote management solutions, users can easily create branded quotes that they can print or email to prospective customers.  


·           The initial learning curve is a bit high.


Buildxact pricing is somewhere between $149 to $399 per month. For a precise quote, contact a vendor.

PlanSwift Software

PlanSwift software is a straightforward takeoff and estimate application for the building industry. Service is provided for general contracting as well as the electrical, flooring, HVAC, and plumbing industries. To further improve the estimation process, contractors and estimators can employ drag-and-drop features to merge digital assemblies with takeoff components.  

Users can also accelerate takeoff. It quickly measures areas, things, lengths, volumes, and edges using point-and-click. PlanSwift software eliminates the need to double-check computations. In addition, you may utilize its in-built reports or transfer your estimate/takeoff to an Excel.


·           The versatility of integrations provided by PlanSwift software is notable.

·           It lets you upload PDF drawings, scale them, and set activity quantities from project initiation to completion.

·           Its ease of use and minimum required training are highly valued.  


·           Some of its reporting tools don’t meet advanced capabilities.


The starting annual pricing for PlanSwift software is $250 per user. It also offers a one-time subscription bundle for $1445.

CoConstruct Software

CoConstruct software is another option for managing clients, budgets, and projects in the construction industry. Its intended audience is contractors and those who build custom homes. Time tracking, document management, client and vendor management, project management, subcontractor management, warranty tracking, and more are all part of the package.

In addition, it lets you synchronize information from QuickBooks Desktop or Online with things like budgets, designs, requirements, preferences, proposals, and more. If your company relies heavily on effective client communication, CoConstruct software is a reliable call to consider.


·           CoConstruct’s built-in communication feature renders it a versatile choice for coordinating team members and getting their feedback on ideas and plans.

·           It computes all monetary adjustments and creates automatic cost projections and component-specific labels.

·           It provides alternatives for tailoring work processes, in addition to providing pre-designed templates.


·           It doesn’t integrate with some big third-party systems for construction businesses.

RedTeam Software

To organize and finance construction projects from start to end, RedTeam software is also considered a holistic option. It’s loaded with functionalities tailored to the management requirements of building companies. Business planning, cost estimation, risk assessment, initial planning, project management, equipment administration, and billing are all part of its tools.

The real-time connectivity to QuickBooks Online is another great feature. Similarly, its automation features automate and save time for managers to address previously insurmountable tasks. Meanwhile, it sends regular notifications to managers about things that must be done quickly.  


·           The learning curve with RedTeam software is low.

·           RedTeam gives you a broader overview of your projects by analyzing the data on your dashboard.  

·           Its mobile application for Android and iOS is just as effective as its cloud-based system.


·           Sometimes, it freezes during logins.


The starting price for RedTeam is $5,000 for an annual subscription.


Project management software helps different fields and organizations throughout their project planning and implementation. Project management software is well-equipped for construction sites or product development. So, adopting project management software is less luxurious and more necessary for holistic project success. It also allows multitasking and manages multiple projects at a time. So, pick a program for your construction business from our best seven project management software choices.