What Is Carnitas Chipotle?

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What Is Carnitas Chipotle?

When it comes to fast-casual dining, Chipotle Mexican Grill has made a name for itself by offering fresh, customizable Mexican-inspired fare. While many menu items tempt the taste buds, one particularly beloved option is “Carnitas.” In this blog, we’ll explore what Carnitas are at Chipotle, their origin, and why they’ve become a popular choice for diners seeking a flavorful Mexican meal.

Carnitas: A Mexican Culinary Delight

Carnitas, which translates to “little meats” in Spanish, is a traditional Mexican dish made from tender, slow-cooked pork. The process of preparing Carnitas involves simmering seasoned pork in its own fat, which results in a succulent and flavorful meat that is typically crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The Making Of Carnitas At Chipotle

Chipotle’s approach to Carnitas is consistent with its commitment to high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. Here’s how they prepare this delectable dish:

  1. Sourcing Quality Pork: Chipotle starts with responsibly raised pork. They prioritize animal welfare and source their pork from farms that adhere to strict animal welfare standards.
  2. Marination and Seasoning: The pork is marinated with a blend of flavorful spices, including cumin, oregano, bay leaves, and citrus juices. This seasoning process infuses the meat with a rich, savory taste.
  3. Slow Cooking: The marinated pork is then slow-cooked to perfection. Chipotle’s Carnitas are simmered in their own juices, allowing the flavors to meld and develop over time. This slow cooking process results in tender, juicy meat with a crispy exterior.
  4. Crisping: Before serving, the cooked pork is crisped on the grill, enhancing its texture and creating a delightful contrast between the crispy outer layer and the tender interior.

Why Carnitas At Chipotle Are A Hit?

  1. Flavorful and Tender: Chipotle’s Carnitas offer a burst of flavor in every bite. The slow-cooking process, coupled with the savory seasonings, results in succulent and aromatic pork that delights the palate.
  2. Versatile Customization: Chipotle allows customers to customize their Carnitas-based meals with a variety of toppings, salsas, and sides. This versatility allows diners to create a meal that suits their individual tastes and dietary preferences.
  3. Ethical Sourcing: Many customers appreciate Chipotle’s commitment to responsibly sourced ingredients, including their dedication to animal welfare. Knowing that the pork in their Carnitas comes from farms with humane practices can be an added incentive to choose this menu option.
  4. Mexican Culinary Tradition: Carnitas are a beloved Mexican dish with a rich culinary history. Chipotle’s take on Carnitas pays homage to this tradition while adapting it to the fast-casual dining experience.


Carnitas at Chipotle are a delicious example of how a beloved Mexican culinary tradition can be adapted and enjoyed in a modern, convenient dining setting. With a focus on quality ingredients, responsible sourcing, and slow-cooked perfection, Chipotle’s Carnitas have become a go-to option for those seeking a flavorful and satisfying meal. Whether wrapped in a burrito, piled into a bowl, or nestled in tacos, Chipotle’s Carnitas offer a taste of Mexico that keeps diners coming back for more.

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What Meat Is Carnitas In Chipotle?

To make our Carnitas, we season the pork with an aromatic spice blend, then braise and shred it by hand. The result? Meat that’s fall-apart-in-your-burrito tender.

What Are Carnitas Made Of?

Carnitas — which means “little meats” in Spanish — is a Mexican pork dish. An inexpensive, heavily marbled cut of pork, such as boneless Boston butt, pork shoulder or picnic ham, is braised or simmered for several hours with seasonings and lard until it is so tender that is can be shredded.

Is Chipotle Carnitas Spicy?

The least spicy meat option at Chipotle is braised carnitas [1]. It has a mild flavor and is a good option for those who prefer less heat in their food. While the other meat options, such as steak and barbacoa, are seasoned with spices that add some heat, the carnitas is a safer bet for those sensitive to spiciness.

Is Carnitas Chicken At Chipotle?

FOR THOSE WHO AVOID PORK: Our carnitas are made with pork.

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