What Is A Group Of Hawks Called?

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Hawks, majestic birds of prey, often captivate us with their aerial prowess and keen eyesight. Yet, have you ever wondered what to call a gathering of these magnificent creatures? In this exploration, we unravel the mystery behind the collective names for groups of hawks, shedding light on their social dynamics and symbolic significance.

What Is A Group Of Hawks Called?

The term for a group of hawks is known as a “kettle.” This distinctive name aptly captures the image of hawks soaring high in the sky, spiraling upward in thermal currents. The collective noun “kettle” alludes to the mesmerizing sight of hawks riding thermal updrafts, forming a swirling congregation.

What Is A Group Of Red-Tailed Hawks Called?

Specifically for red-tailed hawks, a group is still referred to as a “kettle.” Whether it’s the iconic red-tailed variety or other hawk species, the term remains consistent, highlighting the communal behavior of these birds as they navigate the skies together.

What Is A Large Group Of Hawks Called?

When a sizable number of hawks gather, it is still referred to as a “kettle.” The size of the group doesn’t alter the collective name, emphasizing the shared behavior of hawks as they engage in communal flight, often during migration or hunting expeditions.

Group Of Hawks Meaning:

The meaning behind the term “kettle” for a group of hawks is rooted in their behavior while soaring. Hawks, known for their exceptional soaring abilities, utilize thermal updrafts to ascend to great heights. The collective term reflects the swirling motion of hawks riding these thermals together, resembling the bubbling action in a kettle.

What Is A Group Of Woodpeckers Called?

While we’re delving into collective nouns, it’s intriguing to note that a group of woodpeckers is referred to as a “descent” or “drumming.” Unlike hawks, woodpeckers have distinct collective names that reflect their behaviors and interactions within a group.

Group Of Hawks Crossword Clue:

For avid crossword enthusiasts seeking the perfect term for a group of hawks, the answer is “kettle.” This unique and specific collective noun can be a valuable addition to your crossword-solving repertoire, showcasing your knowledge of avian terminology.

What Is A Group Of Eagles Called?

Unlike hawks, eagles have their own distinctive collective name. A group of eagles is known as a “convocation” or “aerie.” These terms capture the regal and communal nature of eagles, emphasizing their significance in the avian hierarchy.

Large Group Of Hawks Circling:

Observing a large group of hawks circling in the sky is a spectacular sight. This behavior is often associated with thermalling, where hawks use rising air currents to gain altitude efficiently. The synchronized circling of a large group showcases their mastery of soaring techniques.

A Group Of Birds Flying Is Called:

When birds, including hawks, engage in coordinated flight, it is commonly referred to as a “flock.” While a “kettle” specifically denotes the spiraling motion of hawks in thermals, the term “flock” is a broader descriptor for a group of birds flying together.

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What Is A Group Of Condors Called?

Similar to eagles, condors have their own unique collective term. A group of condors is referred to as a “committee.” This term reflects the social dynamics and interactions within a gathering of these large and impressive birds.

Kettle Of Hawks Symbolism:

The symbolism behind a “kettle” of hawks extends beyond the avian realm. In various cultures, hawks hold symbolic significance, representing attributes such as keen vision, agility, and spiritual guidance. The sight of a kettle of hawks soaring may be interpreted as a powerful symbol of unity, freedom, and collective strength.


In conclusion, the collective term “kettle” for a group of hawks invites us to witness the marvel of these birds soaring in unity. Whether it’s red-tailed hawks or other species, the communal behavior of hawks in flight, spiraling together in thermal currents, creates a breathtaking spectacle. As we unravel the symbolism and collective names for these majestic birds, we gain a deeper appreciation for their shared journey through the expansive skies.


Is A Group Of Hawks Called A Kettle?

These swirling, circling flocks are called “kettles.” By watching for these gatherings, the hawks can more easily find thermals, minimizing their need to flap on their long journeys.

What Is The Collective Noun Of Hawks?

The most common collective noun for a group of hawks is a “cast”, portraying their impressive presence and commanding flights in the sky. When hawks gather for migration or hunting, they are often referred to as a “kettle” or “boil”, evoking the image of these magnificent creatures soaring together in large numbers.

What Is A Group Of Falcons Called?

Like several other raptor species of birds, a group of falcons can be called a cast, a cauldron, or a kettle. However, they can also be called a bazaar of falcons or a cadge of falcons. Falcons are generally solitary hunters that only gather for mating purposes.

Why Is A Group Of Hawks Called A Cast?

The sight of a group of hawks taking advantage of a thermal, all swirling and spiraling, is reminiscent of objects being stirred or boiling in a pot — hence the terms a “kettle of hawks” or “hawks kettling.”

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