What Bird Is Mordecai?

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What Bird Is Mordecai?

In the animated world of television, there are numerous beloved characters that capture our hearts and imagination. One such character is Mordecai, a blue jay with a cool demeanor and a knack for adventure. But have you ever wondered what species Mordecai belongs to? In this blog, we will delve into the world of Mordecai and uncover the avian species he represents.

Mordecai: A Blue Jay

Mordecai, the iconic character from the animated series “Regular Show,” is indeed a blue jay. Blue jays are native to North America and are known for their vibrant blue plumage, distinctive crest, and sharp intelligence.

Physical Characteristics Of Blue Jays

Blue jays possess several notable physical features that distinguish them:

  1. Plumage: Blue jays showcase a combination of bright blue feathers on their wings, back, and tail, with white underparts. They also have black markings on their face and a crest on the top of their head.
  2. Crest: The crest of a blue jay is a notable feature that can be raised or lowered, depending on the bird’s mood or level of excitement. When the crest is raised, it adds to the bird’s overall charismatic appearance.
  3. Size and Shape: Blue jays are medium-sized birds, typically measuring about 9-12 inches in length. They have a sturdy build with a robust beak that helps them crack open nuts and seeds.

Behavior And Habitat

Blue jays are highly social birds that are known for their vocalizations and communicative abilities. They are often found in forests, woodlands, and urban areas, adapting well to various environments. Blue jays are opportunistic feeders and consume a diverse diet that includes nuts, seeds, insects, and even small vertebrates.

Mordecai’s Personality

In the “Regular Show” series, Mordecai is portrayed as a relatable and easygoing character. He is depicted as a responsible blue jay who, along with his best friend Rigby, finds himself in all sorts of extraordinary situations and adventures. Mordecai’s laid-back personality and loyalty to his friends make him a fan favorite among viewers.


Mordecai, the beloved character from “Regular Show,” represents the species of a blue jay. Blue jays are known for their vibrant blue plumage, distinctive crest, and intelligent nature. Just like the real-life blue jays, Mordecai showcases these physical characteristics while embarking on entertaining adventures in the animated world.

Whether you’re a fan of Mordecai or simply intrigued by the world of birds, exploring the species represented by fictional characters adds an extra layer of appreciation and understanding to our favorite animated companions. So, the next time you watch Mordecai in action, remember that he is a blue jay, embodying the beauty and charm of these remarkable birds in his animated form.


What Type Of Bird Is Margaret?

Margaret. This red-breasted robin works as a waitress at the coffee shop across the street from the park. Mordecai has a huge crush on her and is always finding excuses to take coffee breaks when she’s working.

What Species Is Mordecai?

Mordecai is a tall, skinny and anthropomorphic blue jay.

What Animal Is Rigby?

Rigby is a short, anthropomorphic 23-year-old raccoon with short, spiky hair.

What Is Mordecai’s Full Name?

The Talmud (Menachot 64b and 65a) relates that his full name was “Mordechai Bilshan” (which occurs in Ezra 2:2 and Nehemiah 7:7, albeit likely as two separate names in sequence).


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