Enfamil Faces Major Backlash for Causing Fatal Infections in Infants

Several parents and doctors have raised concerns about the side effects of Enfamil. Mead Johnson, a subsidiary of Reckitt, owns Enfamil, an American infant formula brand. The product has been said to cause severe ailments and even infant deaths.

Preterm infants fed with this formula face an increased risk of developing NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis), a fatal disease impacting their intestines. After ingesting Enfamil, bacteria can attack the intestinal wall and lead to other health issues in the body.

In February 2023, Healthline reported the voluntary recall of two batches of Enfamil ProSobee infant formula due to probable contamination with the bacteria Cronobacter sakazakii. The infections can create life-threatening conditions in newborns.

In this article, we will discuss how Enfamil has harmed infants and the complaints lodged against it. We will also provide information on the legal actions to take if your infant has been affected by it.

Baby Develops NEC After Being Fed with Formula

In May 2023, AboutLawsuits.com reported the tragic story of Sandra Hayes, who filed an Enfamil lawsuit because her premature child developed NEC due to the infant formula. She sought justice and compensation for the harm done to her son, Adam.

Hayes explained that Adam was born prematurely in April 2023. The day after his birth, the hospital started feeding him Enfamil Premature 24 four times a day. Within two days, Adam began vomiting, one of the early symptoms of NEC.

The doctors temporarily stopped feeding him Enfamil but resumed it after a few days, resulting in Adam developing esophageal perforation. This led to further complications, prompting the discontinuation of Enfamil and its replacement with intravenous nutrition. Adam developed dilated bowels, abdominal distension, and ileal perforation, and X-rays showed free air in the abdomen.

Eventually, he was diagnosed with Stage IIIA necrotizing enterocolitis, which was attributed to Enfamil infant formula. This diagnosis also resulted in cerebral palsy and partial blindness.

Hayes alleges that the infant formula manufacturers were aware of the risks to premature babies, yet Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson continued to promote their products as safe for infants.

The lawsuit also contends that, in addition to marketing cow’s milk products as safe, the manufacturers attempted to manipulate public perception. Their promotions implied that even healthcare providers endorsed the safety of these products over breast milk.

Sandra is not the only mother whose child faced this tragic situation after being fed baby formula. There are many others with similar experiences. For example, in June 2022, The Denver Post recounted the story of Octavia Patton-Ashley, whose son died because of baby formula ingestion.

Octavia has filed a lawsuit against Mead Johnson and Abbott Laboratories, alleging that the formula caused her son’s death due to NEC. In her lawsuit, she asserts that this formula is hazardous for premature babies and that manufacturers should provide extensive warnings.

Taking Legal Action

Considering the increasing number of baby formula lawsuits globally, parents must stay informed. If they discover that their baby has developed NEC or any other debilitating symptoms or ailments due to Enfamil infant formula, taking medical and legal action is imperative.

Embarking on this journey alone can be challenging. Once medical diagnosis and treatment are complete, parents need to contact a competent lawyer. They can provide the necessary guidance for filing the lawsuit and will represent the case in court to secure a favorable verdict and fair compensation.

However, parents must be proactive in filing a legal complaint against Enfamil, as there are specific deadlines for the same. TorHoerman Law states that, generally, product liability lawsuits come with a two-year statute of limitations. However, this timeframe may vary depending on your location, the circumstances of the case, and the specific laws of your state. Your lawyer, based on your location, will be able to guide you about this matter.


Today, baby formula manufacturers market their products as the best solution for working mothers and single parents. While this option may seem enticing and practical, it is essential to consider the potential consequences. If a hospital recommends using Enfamil infant formula, parents should question its safety and ensure that it poses no harm to their infant.

Parents whose infants have suffered due to the use of baby formula should file a legal complaint to report the manufacturer’s negligence. This action will raise awareness and ensure that more parents are informed about the risks associated with cow’s milk-based baby formula products.